Unpublished Novels and Novellas

Pranav Mishra has written 23 novels and 2 novellas. A brief description of his novels and novellas is provided below.

25. The Marriage Trouble (novel) – Bringing out the subtleties of married life, the novel tells about a turbulent marriage in which the heroic husband saves his wayward wife from disaster.

24. 5 Types of Love (novel) – A young man tells about 5 different types of love he experienced with 5 different types of women at different times of his life. The types of love include innocent childhood love, sensual love, possessive love, non-committed love, and pragmatic love.

23. Long Road to Hope Complex (novel) – five former classmates set out on a thousand kilometre long walk to seek transformation and freedom from their ghosts. A romance novel involving a successful man haunted by the recent demise of his wife, and a woman recently abused in relationship.

22. 20 Laws of Love (novel) – A contemporary romance novel exploring the deeper aspects of love. Set in the COVID era.

21. World’s Biggest Lockdown (novel) – Four lives’ journey to find hope, strength and love during the critical lockdown period.

20. The Joker Inside (novel) – Inspired from the movie ‘Joker’, but with a positive ending. It’s a romance novel in which two abused and traumatized individuals come together to find love and craft a world for themselves.

19. Seven Miles from Heaven (novel) – A tragic romance novel involving an amputee young man and a woman terminally ill with cancer. The novel also explores an individual’s faith in God and the idea of heaven. (The novel is partly inspired from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.)

18. London Girl (novella) – A romantic comedy. A love story between a modern, London-returned girl and her conventional flat-mate.

17. The Celebrity Inside Us (novel) – Explores the dark side of love. A rollercoaster love quadrangle involving a girl and three boys. A tragedy.

16. Tiger Behind the Taj Mahal (novel) – Inspired by Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, but seeks to obtain a different outcome. A love story with a tiger in it.

15. Desi Cowboy (novel) – social media, and the silly things it can result into.

14. The Mercedes Man (novella) – a dark comedy. A town boy moves to the city and finds himself in all sorts of unhealthy situations. It’s about greed, ambition, and how life manipulates us.

13. Love & Other Donkeys (novel) – a socially awkward young man’s struggle to find love and dignity.

12. Diesel for My Soul (novel) – Devdas Syndrome in an entirely different setting.

11. One Day of Madness (novel) – tragic story of a young man who believes that the world is in danger, and he is the only one who can save it.

10. The League of Extraordinary Losers (novel) – a critical view of a society. Three troubled lives find themselves reeling into disaster as the world around fails to understand them, and tortures them to meet its own objectives.

9. My Friend Raman (novel) – turbulent relationship between a bachelor saint and his homosexual friend, who falls in love with him.

8. The Spirit of Travelling (novel) – A young man is haunted by his past where he finds himself eternally struggling with the religious disharmony prevailing in the society. About existence and love in a multi-faith environment.

7. Syndrome (novel) – It’s about quest for belongingness, love and dignity. It’s also about hidden identity issues, unfulfilled longings, and sexuality. It’s four entwined lives’ dramatic and often tragic journey.

6. Le Commune (novel) – Explores historical trauma in Indian context. About a young man who is constantly haunted by India’s turbulent history – hundreds of years of atrocious foreign invasions and rule.

5. Soma (novel) – Set in Chambal valley. A bizarre man’s journey to becoming a bandit.

4. Butterflies (novel) – Four women explore the city life, constantly struggling to find identity, freedom, and a sense of dignity.

3. Father Figure (novel) – Inter-faith. A Hindu man kidnaps two Muslim children. After raising them as Hindus for fifteen years, he sends them back to their Muslim father. The children are now trapped between their two fathers – one their biological, and the other who raised them.

2. 24 Hours (novel) – A psychological thriller. How a man loses his mind on a horrible night of rioting.

1. Sons of a River (novel) – About two brothers in Chambal valley.